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EzySlab Air Conditioner Mounting Slab


  • Ezyslab® is light in weight but heavy duty in performance
  • 500kg load capacity
  • Made from black HDPE containing carbon black, acknowledged in the industry as delivering exceptional UV radiation resistance
  • Hi impact strength & toughness
  • 5 year performance warranty
  • Weighs only 3.5kg
  • Underside of Ezyslab® is not hollow – ensuring maximum stability & no sagging
  • Condenser units can be fastened directly to the Ezyslab® base
  • Ezyslab’s® unique size, 930 x 480 x 50mm, will suit almost every domestic condenser unit currently in the market

Ezyduct® & Ezyslab® are quality Australian made products that have been designed by tradesman for tradesmen! The stylish range of products are easy to install but more importantly built with strength and durability in mind.